• 135 volunteers added
  • 30+ of donations made
  • 39 sites of operation
  • 20+ satisfied volunteers' reviews
  • 35 team members
  • 44 mln people full of love

Our Volunteers


Our mission is to make a contribution to Ukraine by directing financial aid from the world directly to those who help on-site.

The whole Ukraine turned into one giant volunteer and warrior who will protect its people and cities, its culture, and its independence. People who recently owned a coffee shop and made media about Ukrainian hip-hop are now delivering food and medicine to thousands of people, who are daily attacked with rockets. They are the lifesavers, keepers, beams of light in complete darkness. Let’s help them shine brighter and provide all the support we can give. They tell their stories, we come up with resources.

There’s no option you need?

Let us know the situation and we shall figure something out. Everything works.

Tell us your case We shall help you to help the guys



Instagram @helpthehelper.in.ua


HelpTheHelper – organization that helps volunteers to recieve donates. Just today I've got 5000 UAH donate. I want to thank sincerely for your help.


Hurray! Green beauty will help our guys to defend the border. HelpTheHelper, thanks for funds raising for buying KIA SORENTO.


Collected money on the fair and sent to helpthehelper 65 000 UAH.


Thank you for support and your help!


Friends, thank for your prompt support and help. We’ve complected and delivered all our guys in Sievierodonietsk needed just in time.


Thanks for your constant support. You are doing a great job that keeps me doing my – delivering clear water to the people who need it.