About Us

Our mission is to make a contribution to Ukraine by directing financial aid from the world directly to those who help on-site.

The whole Ukraine turned into one giant volunteer and warrior who will protect its people and cities, its culture, and its independence. Volunteers tell their stories, we come up with resources. Through these people you can help hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to make it through this devastating war.


We ourselves are also a team of volunteers: journalists, translators, entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers. We know all those volunteers in person, and we see the results of their work. The world needs to know about its heroes and their deeds.


Our Team

Ivan Holiakov
Nick Khanko
Vika Myronova
Product Manager, COO
Kateryna Pereverzeva
PR Manager
Lera Bondarenko
Scouting & Interview Lead
Katsia Khinevich
Localization Manager
Volha Mikhnovich
Vladyslav Pylypchuk
Scouting Manager
Liza Filtsova
Anna Ostapchuk
Yuliia Bubley
Oleksandra Kazintseva
Ruslana Khodzhaieva
Scouting Manager
Serg Sprenne
Film editor
Yana Diakun
Scouting Manager
Lina Pluzhenko
PR Manager
Vitalii Vinnikov
Platform Developer
Viktoriia Khandokhina
Video Editor

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