What is this service?

We have created a meeting point for volunteers and everyone who wants to help. Many volunteers work amid life-threatening conditions, resource deficit, and constant danger, yet they continue to save thousands of lives in Ukraine and beyond. They need your help to keep going and expand the scope of their activities.

We find сandidates, conduct interviews, collect facts, note down their details and add them to the database.

Who are all these people?

These people are residents of Ukraine, forced to dramatically change the nature of their activities to help victims of the war. Former entrepreneurs, managers, creative agencies owners, comedians, chefs, lawyers… people of all professions and statuses. When the war began, they self-organized and started to actively provide any possible assistance ranging from evacuation to the distribution of humanitarian aid and medicines, as well as the purchase of uniforms. Many of them have invested all their savings into volunteer activity and have already launched online fundraising. We are here to help them get their job done without being distracted by their financial needs.

Can I trust the people represented on this site?

Yes. We manually select every single volunteer represented on this site. We conduct interviews, collect facts about their activities and present them to you. We also constantly maintain contact with each of them. But these people have already passed the paramount verification. When the war began, they faced danger and started doing their very best. We are strongly convinced that this is more than enough. We hope that you understand this, too.

How do donations work?

We publish each volunteer’s or organization’s immediate bank details. You transfer money to the specified account, and volunteers determine how exactly to manage the funds today. They have new challenges every day, and every day requires resources to address those.

How can I donate?

Go to the volunteer’s page, click on “Support now” button and select a method that suits you and make your payment.

What if I can't choose whom to donate?

In this case, we recommend donating our service. 80% of the funds received will be distributed proportionally to all volunteers from our base. The remaining 20% will be invested in operating costs, maintaining the service viability, and expanding the volunteers base.

How can I see that my donation was used as intended?

We trust our volunteers. Every day they supply cities with the necessary food, ammunition, and medicines. They take people out from the hot zones and provide comprehensive assistance. Everyone understands that hundreds and thousands of lives are at stake. In addition, we allow our volunteers to use up to 20% of the funds received through our service for personal needs, because they, like everyone else in need, have lost everything they had.

How can I check if my money has reached the addressee?

If the bank transaction was successful, your money has reached the addressee. If the bank returned the money to your card, it means that a mistake may have been made while entering account details. Try to edit account details and repeat a transaction, or contact the chat for support.

Will there be a report on my donation?

We contact volunteers regularly to gather updates on their progress, however, we cannot burden them with bureaucracy and detailed reports as lives are at stake. Every hour spent out of their activities and devoted to filling the documents can cost someone their life. We hope that you understand the gravity of the current situation. From our end, we will do our best to inform you about the progress our heroes made and the changes they introduced.

How else can I help?

Spread the word about our service as far as you can. Tell your friends about it. If you know journalists, ask them to contact us at