I believe that this war left a mark on every child


For the last two weeks before the war, everyone around had been talking very often about the war, but no one could believe and imagine that this was possible in the 21st century. But on February 24, Alexander woke up from the sound of an explosion at the Ivano-Frankivsk airport. He opened the window and saw a huge column of smoke, a siren was on and people were running somewhere. The first days were a shock, but then Alexander realized that it would last longer than two days and that he had to adapt to reality.

A lot of mothers with children began to come to Ivano-Frankivsk. Alexander decided to organize a project called “Eyes of Peace”, which helps children and youth from all over Ukraine. They conduct free important classes in psychology, mental health, acting, choreography, and art therapy. Objective is to keep children entertained and to help their mood and well-being. There are now 50 people in the “Eyes of Peace” project team and about 350 children are studying.

Alexander and his team collected the stories of some children who came from the hot spots. It is difficult to read them, there is a lot of horror and pain. But there are stories that inspire and motivate to continue creating and working. Alexander believes that this war left a mark on every child. But it is for our children to live in Ukraine, to renew the country and the economy. Therefore, it is very important to take care of their psychological health and mental condition.

Alexander says that he gave up a lot of times, because there is not enough physical strength, there is no financing for the project. But when he sees children and parents, he hears feedback about the emotions children experience after class. Then he spreads his wings, because for children these activities are vital. After the victory, Alexander wants to write thank you letters to every conscious Ukrainian. When it’s all over, he plans to continue developing the charity project.

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