I have seen plenty of people lose their homes and heard their terrifying stories


Since the first day of the war, she has been giving off veterinarian consultations for free, moving across Kyiv oblast’, curing and vaccinating the animals, and freeing them of the parasites. In the last month, Anastasiia has been also buying food for the homeless animals, as well as the animal shelters and the animals, whose owners don’t have enough money to feed them these days.

Anastasiia is gathering donations through her Instagram, bringing in the funds and organizations in accordance. She buys the food and brings it to those in need. But due to the ongoing war, the number of animals left by their owners and the hungry ones is growing each day. Plenty of food is needed, and people are donating fewer funds than they used to in the first weeks of the war. This breaks her heart. She has also seen plenty of people lose their homes and heard their terrifying stories. Now, she’s looking for a certified psychologist, who’d be able to visit the animal shelters with her and also go visit people who went through a lot.

Anastasiia believes in the Victory of Ukraine and dreams of going on vacation together with her husband. They are both working a lot and feel pretty tired, overall. But they know, there’ll be even more work to do after the Victory.

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