Everyone shows their face in extreme situations. We should take care of each other, who will do it otherwise?


She was awakened by the call from her father, who said that the war had begun. Anastasiia quickly got ready and went to her parents. They had a proper basement in their house, where Anastasiia lived for the first 12 days of the war. Then she went to the Dnipro to volunteer. Anastasiia is from a family of doctors, and the need to help people is in their blood.


While still sitting in a basement in Kharkiv, Anastasiia began helping people – she bought  the medicines that she could find and afford. Also, there was some stock of medicines in their family clinic. And in her social media she wrote that she was collecting requests for medicines from those in need and started collecting donations in parallel. That’s how it all started. A few days later, Anastasiia accidentally saw on the Internet that her patient Lina was also involved with medicines and they started working together. Then Anya and Dima from Kharkiv joined the team. Lina collects orders for drugs for thyroid diseases, Anastasiia purchases and sorts them, Anya forms orders at a warehouse in Kharkiv, and Dima delivers and coordinates the work of drivers.


They get requests from mothers with babies, the elderly and simply those who cannot get the necessary medicines. Anastasiia also knows many doctors and receives requests from hospitals – these are large orders, usually they fill up a whole car. Requests came several times from villages where the pharmacies are closed. These are also large orders, for up to 200-300 people at once. For all this, the guys collect donations through their social media, but often there is not enough money. Especially if you need to quickly pay for a large order from abroad. There are also difficulties with logistics – for the transportation of medical drugs, you need to have a prescription and the necessary documents.

Anastasiia is a doctor to her core. Helping people is a natural need for her. In peacetime, she found satisfaction in work, but now it is impossible to continue the practice. Therefore, it is very important for her what they are doing now. Anastasiia says that if it were not for volunteering, to which she devotes all her time, she would simply become depressed. It is very difficult to see the war every day, to be scared for your own life and, especially, for the lives of the family who remained in Kharkiv. Even if you are a doctor with strong nerves.


Anastasiia is sure of the victory. As a true doctor, she dreams of returning to work with her patients as soon as possible. She also plans to continue volunteering. Whether it will be her own charity or whether she will join some project, Anastasiia has not yet decided.

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