On February 24, Anastasia woke up from the sounds of explosions at 5 am. At first she thought she dreamed it or imagined it. But going to the window, she heard more explosions and the sounds of flying shells. It was very difficult to believe that the war had begun, and Anastasia still does not believe that all this is happening to us.

Anastasia was a volunteer long before the war, for 6-7 years she has been helping animal shelters, and finding new homes for the animals. Therefore, when the war began, the shelters already knew that they could turn to her for help. At the moment, Anastasia helps the elderly, the disabled and the animals. She provides them with food, medicines, and feed. She finds and orders the necessary products in the cities of Ukraine and abroad.

Anastasia also helps old people who need medical help: she finds the doctors and asks them to come for house calls. She was able to raise money for the surgery for the old man called Volodya, who has a displacement of the hip joint, and ensured his treatment and recovery. Anastasia continues to take care of animals and help shelters. She provides shelters with food, medicines and antiparasitic drugs. She says that now people have become more active in adopting animals.

The most difficult thing for Anastasia after the start of the war is to pull herself together and not to be afraid of anything. The atmosphere of constant fear soars in the air and it is very difficult to cope with it. But helping others distracts her from bad thoughts. Anastasia says that everyone she helps is actually helping her… helping her to be distracted and feel more confident. The war taught Anastasia to live in the present, so she stopped thinking of anything ahead. But he sincerely believes that in the near future all this horror will end with the victory of Ukraine.

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