I am genuinely impressed with the bravery of our soldiers


On the night of the 23rd of February, he already had a sense of something impending. The air was already electrified. When the Kharkiv shelling started, Andrii realized the war had started. He and his parents spent the first several nights in the basement of their apartment building, and then they left the city.

Now, Andrii is at his relatives’ in Lviv. Here he has an opportunity to help the army. He and his friends have set up a fund “There is Future” and are gathering money for buying military equipment. Due to staying in direct touch with the military, they know what exactly is needed right now. Most of the time, it’s the night vision systems, quadcopters with the thermal visors attached, helmets, and bulletproof vests. This is rather expensive equipment, that needs to be found, bought and brought from Europe, so they have enough on their plate. In the first month, they were able to buy equipment with an overall cost of more than 800 000 UAH.

In addition, Andrii stays in contact with the volunteers in Kharkiv, helping them buy the medicine necessary. This war has split everyone physically and territory-wise, but it has also made us unite, — Andrii says. He is genuinely impressed with the bravery of our soldiers and believes helping those defending the country today is a duty for everyone.

Before the War

Worked as a waiter, acted in the theater and created his youtube show with a team

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