I saw destroyed villages and ruined lives, heard horrible stories about the atrocities of the Russians


On February 23, he went to bed a little worried because he had been waiting for the enemy to invade for the last few days. At 5:20 a.m. of the next day, he woke up from a loud explosion and saw the next two with his own eyes. That was scary. On the second day, Andrii decided to take action – to take up arms or start volunteering. At that time, there were huge queues in military registration and enlistment offices as well as in offices of Territorial Defence Forces in Kyiv. Andrii became a volunteer.


Currently, his team is working in a few areas: helping to rebuild occupied cities, helping to rebuild or preserve destroyed buildings from further destruction, clearing streets of debris, involving foundations and organizations dealing with humanitarian aid and medicines supply.


The Raion 1 (District 1) volunteer organization was founded in 2018, aimed at restoring old or abandoned streets or neighborhoods. And now they are rescuing civilian and public facilities affected by the war. They have already completely renovated the roof and sealed the garden in Hostomel, which was twice hit by bombs. They cleaned the area from dirt, restored downpours and prepared a clear plan for reconstruction outside and inside. Lyceum #1 in Hostomel was also cleaned and sealed. Dozens of burnt-out rooms were cleared of soot, hundreds of windows were boarded up, dozens of roofs were repaired and so on.


The volunteers are also currently negotiating with the head of the Kuhari village and are planning to take over the full restoration of housing for the affected residents. Currently, only UAH 100,000 is needed to restore the entire village for a minimum of 500 people. Andrii traveled to many such destroyed villages, saw many ruined lives and heard horrible stories about the atrocities of the Russian orcs. The volunteers do their best to help these people regain hope for a normal life.


Andrii has always been an empathetic man and tried to help people, after 2014 he was in eastern Ukraine several times and saw the damage that war brings. After the victory, Andrii plans to continue this work. However, first of all, he dreams of gathering all his family and friends and arranging a cool holiday.

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