We know how to help, we know what people need, that is why we are trying to do our best  to deliver a balanced food set


On February 24, at 5 am, Andrii received a call from his mother who told him that the war had begun. The first thing that came to Andrii’s mind was that he had a lot of orders to deliver that day. He immediately had the idea that he should continue his activities on a charitable basis, and he should provide humanitarian aid to the people of Kharkiv. Today, Andrii’s company delivers food to people in need 6 times a week – they help elderly, disabled, young mothers, people who lost their jobs. They are trying to help everyone they can.

To maintain their activity, they used their own funds and the company’s reserves. Later, other people started offering their help and sending money. Requests for help are currently accepted through Instagram, people send contact information of their acquaintances and relatives who need food. Andrii’s company makes about 1900 individual food deliveries every week. The company also cooperates with a restaurant in Kharkiv that provides hot meals. About 200-300 hot meals are delivered daily to both civilians and military.

In the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it was hard to find fresh groceries. Fortunately, people are adapting to modern realities, more and more warehouses and factories are opening, and it is now much easier to find groceries. Today’s biggest problem is the lack of funds to purchase the necessary groceries. The city of Kharkiv suffered a lot being constantly shelled and bombed by invaders. The worst thing that Andrii had to face during his volunteer activities was the explosion that occurred next to him while he was delivering food.

After the victory, Andrii plans to keep developing “Smart Food” and to continue delivering quality farm products to the people of Kharkiv.

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