We are not afraid and we are confident about our future, about our victory


As most Kharkiv dwellers, Anna spent her first days of the ongoing war under the ground. But, soon she realized, she could not keep on doing nothing. Moreover, at a time, when so many people were in a need for help. Via a number of mutual friends, Anna met Sasha, who had already been making within the context business with a few restaurants and found a storage space. That’s when it all started. Right now, their team includes 50 people. Many of them, pretty successful ones in the past.

Their team works in 2 directions, mostly. They make business with the restaurants, able to cook hot meals, provide the cooks with the products and bring the meals to the people. They have also connected with the policemen, getting them engaged in the project. Now, they also bring food to the people.

On the whole, guys keep on feeding about 5000 to 7000 people, on a daily basis, depending on the resources available. They buy products on their own, gather donuts, together with their friends from social networks. Sometimes, volunteers from Poland come and help them out with the product’s provision. Local businessmen help, too. Large funds, though, provide nothing useful, within the context, — Ann says. And sometimes, there are cases of products’ theft, too.

According to Anna, Kharkiv of today is like a Burning Man festival, with everyone sharing on what they can. There are some problems, still. Since malls started working in Kharkiv, there has not been much humanitarian aid coming in. But, their team helps out people, not able to buy products for themselves on their own or those who plain have no money for that. In addition, there’s a constant need for medicine and fuel.

Overall, Ann says, volunteer’s work is not only important because of providing people with humanitarian aid. She believes their bravery and commitment inspire everyone — from an elderly person, currently living under the ground, to a Ukrainian soldier on the battlefield. And this is what the true unity of our nation is, to a large extent!

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