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On the very first day, he wanted to sign up for the territorial defense forces, but was rejected for lack of military experience and education. Anton was a little upset at first as many of his friends had been drafted into the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And then he had a conversation with a friend, a captain of the National Guard, who said that it’s the professionals who should fight, and that Anton should do what he is good at. Thus, on February 26, Anton and his friend Evhen Pyvovarov founded the Overhelp volunteer organization.

Thanks to the fact that the guys work in the field of media, they have many subscribers in social networks, as well as a huge number of friends and acquaintances throughout Ukraine, among whom there are pop stars. So, people quickly responded to the appeal on Instagram to collect donations. Also, celebrities helped them by telling their subscribers about the guys’ project. Anton says that from the very beginning they paid a lot of attention to building a well-coordinated organizational structure. Now, there are about 45 people working in the team every day. A lot of attention is also paid to reporting on their activities. Volunteers are grateful for every donation and understand how important it is to demonstrate the results of their work.

The guys were among the first in Kyiv who self-organized into a volunteer headquarters. At first, they received requests for food and medicines from people, and later military orders started pouring in. Now, on the left bank of Kyiv alone, they help 12 military units, orphanages, hospitals and also refugee hubs from the cities of Irpin, Hostomel and Bucha. There are many requests every day and they are quite different, but the main need is for baby care goods, medicines (especially for people with thyroid diseases and diabetes), and long-term storage products.

They mainly spend on transport expenses: to deliver a truckload of humanitarian aid provided by partners from different countries, a truck must be fueled which is quite expensive. The second major expense item is the purchase of ammunition and necessities for the soldiers. These items, as a rule, have to be purchased abroad, and they are very expensive. After the victory of Ukraine, Overhelp will continue its activities, because in many places in Ukraine the situation is already critical and there is a lot of work to be done. But this will happen later, after victory. And right now they need to continue to find, ship and deliver humanitarian aid to everyone who needs it.

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