These are no jokes or games, we’re not running around with toy guns. This is a real war, and people die


At the start of the war, Anton was at home. He did not hear the first explosions, he woke up from a call from a friend who told him about the explosions and the beginning of the war. Initially, Anton could not believe this, his brain refused to accept this information. The first day he spent packing things and buying food. But there was no intent to leave Kharkiv. Since Anton’s clinic was located in the most dangerous area of ​​the city, he posted on his Instagram channel that he was ready to come and provide the necessary dental care at home. This was the first week of the war. 

In the second week of the war, Anton and Nastya joined one of the volunteer teams “450 Kharkiv citizens together”, which deals with medicines and humanitarian aid. Anton is in charge of the department that provides medicines. With the help of social media, they have established the supply of essential medicines from other cities. Now the delivery channels have already been established with many different cities and with wholesale warehouses of medicines; A call center has been set up to receive requests. 

To date, the organization has already collected about 700-800 thousand UAH. But funding is needed every day to provide the citizens with the necessary medicines. Anton says that volunteering is a normal process, like working. And in this daily routine, connection with reality is sometimes lost. The worst thing Anton has ever seen was the Kharkiv morgue and the huge number of bodies there. This is a terrible sight that cannot be expressed in words.

Before the War


Site of Operation


Operation Directions