After our victory, the whole world will want to come and see what kind of country defeated the 2nd army of the world


At 5 a.m. on February 24, Anton received a phone call from an employee saying that Russia had started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and just 20 minutes later Anton and his family heard the first explosion. As a result, on the same day they all left for the West of Ukraine.

On the first day it was decided that all the resources of Visit Ukraine would be redirected to help the Ukrainians. In 1-2 days they redesigned their website and now they are helping both Ukrainians who faced a difficult situation on the territory of Ukraine and the refugees who had left the country.

Visit Ukraine is a portal where every Ukrainian can get the necessary information about how to act in a crisis situation. It includes:

  • a free 24/7 hotline for all questions;
  • 24-hour support service for people who stayed on the territory of Ukraine;
  • useful information covering regulations on border crossing, healthcare, housing, employment, etc. of almost every country
  • verified information materials in three languages.

Visit Ukraine engages a big team together with Anton. They have already helped more than 70,000 Ukrainian citizens. They process more than 1,000 requests daily. The team also works on the information front, publishing dozens of materials, covering events taking place in Ukraine.

Anton says he plans to use all the donations he gets to support the team of about 100 people who help every day. He’s convinced that people should get money for any work they do to support themselves, to spend and thereby support the economy of our country. While the war is going on, we need to support Ukraine, which is now defending almost the entire planet.

After the victory, Anton plans to go with his family and friends to his favorite place and celebrate the end of the war noisily. And he also plans to update his tourist destination in Ukraine. Because, after our victory, the whole world will want to come and see what kind of country defeated the 2nd army of the world.

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