The hardest part was realizing that the war would not end soon


When the war started, Bohdan and his father were in Kyiv. He remembers that his mother had called and told them about the Russian invasion of Ukraine; how they made the long trip to Odesa, cheering each other on the whole way. It was very scary and hard to believe in what was happening.

Upon returning to Odesa, Bohdan and his entire family and friends immediately began volunteering. They were well aware that now it was necessary to pull together and help people as much as possible. First of all, the volunteers are helping the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense, helping the patrol police and hospitals. They have already purchased a vehicle for the Mykolaiv territorial defense, and are providing soldiers with bulletproof vests and helmets. But this is very expensive, and the team can’t afford all of this with its own funds. To fulfill the next order from the soldiers, they need to raise 2,000,000 hryvnias.

They also help people on request. They deliver food packages and hot meals, medicines and goods for children. Bohdan has many friends who are volunteering around the world. One of his acquaintances was a volunteer in Donetsk in 2014-2015, who told him about the importance of finding people who are alone and taking care of them. He remembers cases where apartments were opened and people were found dead from starvation. So, for Bohdan’s team it was very important to inform as many people as possible about the possibility of getting help. Today the team of volunteers have helped 12,000 families with children and over 5,000 elderly people. They’ve evacuated several hundred people from Mykolaiv.

And people often ask for psychological support, Bohdan says. Volunteers respond to such requests just as carefully as they do to humanitarian requests. Sometimes, a person who has been hiding from the bombing for a long time and is frightened needs hugs and words of support much more than hot soup.

Today, there are already more than 130 volunteers from 14 to 65 years old in Odesa alone working at Bohdan’s headquarters every day. They are constantly cooperating with volunteers in Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv and European countries. Bohdan is happy to see that there are many caring people who are willing to help! But there are hundreds of times more war victims. Bohdan says there is a constant need for groats and meat; there are big problems with medicines, because they are either impossible to find at all or very expensive. There is also a constant need for funds for the military; they’ve got an order for 1000 body armor vests, and the guys are raising money for them.

Bohdan admires the work of the military, but he is even more inspired by the people who work with him as a team. The people who chose to be volunteers and are proud of it. After the victory, Bohdan wants to go to the sea, to thank our land of Ukraine. And then he dreams of meeting all his friends, especially those who volunteered in other cities throughout the war and whom he hasn’t met in person yet.

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