When you see the eyes of a baby who has seen horrors, this is the hardest thing


Denis Puzanov from Zaporizhzhia is an experienced volunteer. For about 10 years he has been helping children from orphanages and the elderly in his city. Denis has not been following the news for many years and the beginning of the war was a huge shock for him.

But he quickly pulled himself together and from the first days he has been helping to bring the victory of Ukraine closer. First, he organized the field kitchen and the preparation of hot meals for the fighters and residents of the city in three cafes. Denis also collects humanitarian aid and medicines for the occupied territories and the recently liberated ones. In addition he helps the fighters – he buys armor, tactical equipment, walkie-talkies, thermal imagers.

Being a volunteer is a calling, but also a huge risk. Volunteers had been sending food to Mariupol until the connection with the driver was lost. He was taken captive. Denis says that the main need is medicines, ready-made food, and animal feed. But the guys do not forget about the children. When you see the eyes of a baby who has seen horrors, this is the hardest thing. Therefore, volunteers found an opportunity to arrange festivities for children where they get presents in order to at least slightly bring them back to a normal childhood life.

The main part of the funds that volunteers spend is their personal money earned before the war. They also collect voluntary donations and cooperate with foundations. But the war, unfortunately, continues.

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