Despite the fact that there is a war going on, our people are still smiling


Tetiana Koryak is a popular Instagram blogger with over a million of subscribers who lives in Kharkiv with her husband and young daughter. At the beginning of the war, Tetiana was in Kiev, and her husband and daughter were in Kharkiv. Tetiana did not hear the first explosions and learned about the start of the war from her husband’s call in the morning. Thanks to the help of her social media audience, she was able to quickly get to Kharkiv. Where she and her husband began to think about what to do and where to run. Tatiana felt inner peace and confidence that everything would be okay with her family. So it was decided to stay in Kharkiv and help people. And so began their volunteering work.

Thanks to her popularity, various people from different cities and countries began contacting Tetiana, wanting to help. That’s how she set up the delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Kharkiv and the provision of food and medications to the local population. Now there are 120 people in a team with Tetiana, with several cars. They meet, distribute and deliver humanitarian aid to the those in need. Tetiana’s team helps about 2,500 people a day in the city.

They also deliver tons of humanitarian aid to nearby villages as well. Tetiana told the story of how the bridges between the city and one of the villages were destroyed, cutting people off from the city. The men from the crew loaded everything they needed into a boat, got to the village, loaded it onto a tractor and delivered it to the people. Such stories take the heart and inspire Tatiana.

Most of the money the organization manages to collect is spent on transportation, especially on gasoline. Over two days they spend as much as 100 thousand hryvnias. Tatiana says that despite the fact that there is a war going on, our people are still smiling. We will not be broken, because we have humor. Tatiana herself is constantly going live, raising the spirit and making jokes on her social networks. After the victory, Tatiana plans to continue doing good deeds, because there is enough evil without wars. And she really wants to go on vacation to the sea with her family.

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