When we win, and it will be like “Hurraaay! Yeeeah!”, we will be hugging each other, we’ll start drinking and dancing


On February 24, Dmytro was sleeping peacefully and in the morning when he woke up he saw a lot of messages in the news that the war had begun. At first he was shocked and couldn’t believe that this was true. The brain was not ready to accept the new reality.

Since the beginning of the war, Dmytro has gathered a team in his photo studio and rearranged it and the club’s premises to receive and accommodate people. They installed bunk beds, bought mattresses, and on the second day they received about 15 people. The first days were very difficult, because no one was ready for such events and there was no understanding of how to deal with the situation.

Now Dmytro and his team are putting people in temporary accommodation, both in the photo studio and in the club. On normal days, about 50 people live there. In total, during the war, they were able to provide temporary shelter for more than 800 people. The team organized the kitchen and meals for the visitors, cleaning of the premises and assistance with supplies.

Also, in parallel with providing accommodation, Dmytro is raising funds and searching for ammunition for the military. Dmytro does not understand how one can sit still in such a situation. Every day he is trying to do more and more. Dmytro no longer remembers his plans before the war. And he does not believe that the victory will come one day, so he does not even understand what he will do afterwards. But he understands that life will never be the same again.

Before the War

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