Words of gratitude from the soldiers who are defending my home country do not allow me to stop


On February 24, their relatives called them early in the morning and said that Russia had attacked Ukraine. Dima and his wife quickly packed, got into the car and left for their parents’ place in Ivano-Frankivsk. The first few days they were in a state of shock and confusion. Already at the end of the first week, Dima called his friend, who began minimal volunteer work. They got together, organized the Port of Frankivsk headquarters together with the Detali promo group, and distributed responsibilities. The team consisted of 7 people.

Now the team is raising funds, purchasing and delivering all the necessary items to the hotspots of the front. They focus on equipment and electrical items for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in hot spots such as thermal imagers, quadcopters, rangefinders, collimators. During the month of the war, it was possible to collect and purchase equipment for more than 15 millions UAH ($51 000). Half of the funds went to the purchase of thermal imagers for the military.

Dima is very inspired by the opportunity to help and ensure that our military is provided with everything they need as much as possible. It is inspiring how good is coming around and how people are ready to help and support each other. After the victory, Dima really wants to travel around Ukraine, to those cities that suffered the most in this war. He plans to work even harder to restore the economy and our country.

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