I really hope that the country will quickly recover from this horror


Around 5 am on February 24, Dmytro, like many Ukrainians, was awakened by the sound of explosions. He says that then his life was divided into the before and the after. Before – he was a peaceful person, but in a matter of minutes he changed completely.


Information about a possible Russian attack had been hovering in the media, and Dmytro, having heard the stories of people from Donbass who experienced this, knew that it was necessary to take the family to a safe place as soon as possible. An hour later they had already left Odessa. It didn’t take long for Dmytro to realize that he must be in Odessa. He could and should help. The very next day, his entire family returned to the city (although he asked his wife and children not to go with him). Immediately upon his return, Dmytro and his friend went to make their first bulk purchase. They didn’t know exactly what to buy. They asked the guys at the nearest checkpoint what they needed at that moment, and went to the store.


For more than 50 days of the war, Dmitry remained in the city and helped everyone who needed help. First of all, these are the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense, who need to be well equipped. Even in peacetime, Dmytro supported abandoned elderly people and continues now. He even finds an opportunity to help abandoned animals. In the first 5 weeks of the war, Dmytro spent about 2,500,000 UAH and also collected about 900,000 UAH from his Facebook friends.


When Dmytro’s finances ran low, he opened his store for customers and has been using absolutely all the profit to help people. By the way, Dmytro even released 2 fragrances with patriotic names: “My beloved Ukraine” and “Hope Odessa”. And this is a great achievement for a perfumer. But an even greater achievement for Dmytro and his associates is that they launched their own production of things necessary for the fighters. They produce plate carriers, RPG cases, soft stretchers, etc.

Ukrainian fighters have already tested Dmytro’s products and were satisfied with the quality. Producing things by themselves is several times cheaper than buying abroad, besides, logistics risks are reduced to nothing. But the production needs a lot of expensive material and accessories. And this is the main reason why Dmytro needs financial support now.


What Dmytro will do after the victory, he does not know yet. Most likely,  first he will burst into tears, like he cried when people sent him donations. But Dmytro also dreams that he can be useful in the restoration of Ukraine, especially in those cities that are destroyed. And he will not stop making perfumes, because he loves fragrances very much, and he is a professional. A new country should be built by people who love their work and fully dedicate themselves to it.

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