There are millions of those who are willing to help in any way they can to bring the victory closer.


When the war started, Dmitry was in Kyiv on a business trip.
He remembers waking up to explosions and his wife crying on the phone (she was in Kharkiv at the time). Dmitry’s first and foremost aim was to get back to his family in Kharkiv. It was complicated as the tickets were impossible to buy and train schedule wasn’t clear. He got to Kharkiv with the help of a person he barely knew, who saw his request on Instagram.

Dima says he started helping people because he couldn’t do otherwise. He realized that the help of healthy active people is now needed more than ever. While he was in Kharkiv, Dima helped however he could – unloading humanitarian aid, giving out groceries that were left in his friends’ cafe to the people, helped coordinating other volunteers.

Now Dima is in Dnipro. He is occupied with helping Kharkiv citizens and the dwellers of smaller towns and villages with the medicines and other essential goods, those the people can’t buy in the city. Dima has already found a drugstore network that helps him to collect the orders. He mostly takes orders from particular people and sends them the meds via volunteers from Kharkiv. What he finds in Dnipro – he buys himself, otherwise he finds it with the help of volunteers in other cities.
Some meds (e.g. for thyroid and epilepsy) cannot be found in Ukraine now, so Dima buys them with the help of a volunteer in Europe.

Dima also mentions that in smaller towns and villages the pharmacies don’t work at all. They try to send the essential set of meds there. At the same time Dmitry helps coordinating humanitarian aid arriving from Europe, as well as buying and sending drinking water to Kharkiv which is at critical lack in the city now.

Dima doesn’t belong to any organization or fund and he calls himself and people like him lone volunteers. These people never did volunteering in the past, but they can’t ignore the suffering of others. He admires the unity and togetherness of people now.

Dima says that, despite the harsh times, it’s important to stay lively and remember about simple pleasures, as well as to find time and warm words for the loved ones. When Ukraine wins the war, Dima and his family dream about going out to Dnipro’s city center – they’ve been there for almost a month but didn’t actually see the city. They will celebrate the victory with champagne that is patiently waiting for this important day in the fridge since day one of this war.

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