Every person you go to for help is sincerely trying to help you


On February 23, Eduard and his friends came to a ski resort. And on the morning of February 24, the war began and they had to move to a small town in the western part of Ukraine. Now they are still there. At first, Eduard felt incredibly guilty for being safe from the first day, and for not being in the center of events. He was very afraid for his family and friends.

A few days later, having overcome his fear, Eduard decided that he had to do something useful and help our army. Thus began his volunteer work: manufacturing three-point belts for machine guns. These belts are necessary for every soldier, but, unfortunately, originally the weapon is not equipped with them. All fittings and accessories are purchased by Eduard and his team at their own expense. Belts are produced at the factory, according to an arrangement with the seamstresses. They raise funds through social media.

In the near future, they plan to start manufacturing tourniquets that are applied to the wounds. After all, they should be in the first-aid kit for every soldier. Eduard is also involved in logistics – the import of medicines and everything necessary for medical institutions in Kharkiv. They now have organized collection of children’s clothes and hygiene products in one of the Kharkiv perinatal centers. In addition, the team is raising money to purchase a car for the medical evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield.

Everything that Eduard does today contributes to the Victory of Ukraine. Every person he meets is ready to help and no one refuses, but rather tries to find a solution. Eduard says that every day of his work is not in vain! Despite all this horror, now there is so much love and care from the others. So much support for the loved ones and at the same time so much more to do. Now, more than ever, we are an incredibly courageous nation, and we are brave in our unity and care for each other.

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