You know, this chain of mutual help connecting all Ukrainians, it's impressive. It's truly impressive


At the moment when the war started, on February 24, at 5 in the morning, Eduard’s friend called him with the words: “It has begun”. Early in the morning Eduard took his grab-and-go bag which had been prepared in advance and left for the Western Ukraine with his friends. Four days later, when they made it to a safe place, he understood that he wouldn’t be able to sit around doing nothing, he had to do something. That was how he took a decision to go back to Kharkiv.

On returning to Kharkiv, first of all Eduard met his friends who had started their volunteering activity. That was how he began his active volunteer work. Now there are 28 people on Eduard’s team, who prepare food in one of the cafes in Kharkiv. They provide three Kharkiv hospitals with warm food and deliver humanitarian aid (food products and medicines). They also bake bread.

On average, Eduard’s team prepares 500-800 hot meals for hospitals and provides humanitarian aid to 50 people in the city daily. Eduard says that the hardest thing at this time is to stop talking about the war. It’s hard for every single person but the news kills morality. However, the chain of mutual help that Ukrainians provide to each other and the way all the people got united impresses and inspires. Of course, another problem is the lack of funding which could boost the development and scaling of the volunteering activity.

After the war, Eduard will certainly hug each volunteer from the team with whom they have gone through these hard times side by side and together they will arrange a big celebration!

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