I decided that would never again postpone my life for later


Eleonora Baranova – the winner of the show “Master Chef”, was fond of culinary and worked as a chef in a restaurant in Kyiv. On February 23, Eleonora fell asleep with good thoughts, planned a new menu for the restaurant. At that time, Eleonora’s husband was very worried about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so they tanked the car in advance and packed some things.

On February 24, at 6 am, he woke Eleonora up and said that the war had begun. Both of them were shocked and understood that they had to leave Kyiv. While leaving, they got into a heavy traffic jam, rockets flew over them, they could hear and see explosions. This was really scary.

Now Eleonora and her husband are in Lviv. They teamed up with the friends, started looking for food and cooking for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense and the IDPs. They also collect items for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provide clothes for low-income people, and help animals.

The worst thing for Eleonora was the atmosphere when they had to sit in a bomb shelter in Vinnitsa to the sound of a siren. The first days of the war, when the new reality must be accepted. When you see frightened people and children, you read all the news.

Eleonora understands that a lot of people now depend on her actions. She plans to help rebuild Ukraine in the future. And she decided that she would never again postpone her life for later, so she and her husband got a dog, which they will soon take home.

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