War primarily affects the most vulnerable social groups. As long as there is war, humanitarian help is needed


Evgenia did not hear the first explosions, which began at 5 am on February 24. She woke up as usual at 7 am and then found out that the war had begun. Initially, she felt cool-headed. She automatically turned off emotions and just tried to follow the instructions and some rules. Evgenia gathered the emergency go-bag and documents, cashed money, bought food.

She immediately decided to stay in Kharkiv. After listening to herself, Evgenia realized that she could cope with the situation better emotionally by staying in her city and doing useful things there. Evgenia and her boyfriend spent the first 10 days in a bomb shelter. And during this time, they organized everything necessary for life there. They immediately wired the shelter for electricity and set up sockets around the perimeter, organized sleeping bags, mattresses, folding chairs, and brought in water supplies.

Evgenia gathered an initiative group of private entrepreneurs, friends, relatives, who decided to stay in their native Kharkiv and provide all possible assistance here. Now they are engaged in volunteering, providing food for the elderly and young mothers, purchasing the necessary medicines. Also, they help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces, providing them with thermal imagers, quadcopters and other tactical items. They are trying to provide assistance to hospitals and maternity hospitals.

Also, Evgenia is in contact with the volunteer center in Kharkiv; with volunteers from Dnipro and Lviv who donate humanitarian aid; with volunteers from Vinnytsia specializing in medicines. She is engaged in logistics and organization of the delivery of necessary humanitarian and medical aid. Most recently, Evgenia and her team delivered 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Kharkiv.

Evgenia herself has a very active life position, so she always tries to be at work and be useful. She is very inspired by people with whom she keeps in touch every day. All of them believe in victory, have the same goal and help each other. This is priceless.

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