We try to live according to this principle: if we can do something - we do it, if we can help someone - we help them


On the morning of February 24, Evhenii’s parents called him because they’d heard the sound of explosions. Evhenii and his wife began to search for news on the Internet, and that’s how they’d found out that the war broke out. The first thing they did was to gas up their car and gather all the necessary things. They didn’t know what to do next as they were slightly shocked.

After they learned the official government statements, they decided to move from their apartment to the A-STUDIO premises that they’d previously reinforced and made suitable for living there as much as possible. Evhenii didn’t want to leave Kharkiv because his parents both work and live in the city. Evhenii’s mother works and lives in the hospital since the first day of the war.

Evhenii and his wife rethought everything and felt that they can and are willing to help the people who cannot afford to buy food on their own. On their social networks, they started to collect requests for providing the elderly with essential food.

In their fitness studio, they organized their volunteer headquarters and started arranging humanitarian aid for the elderly and took into their care two units of the Kharkiv region accident-emergency hospital where Evhenii’s mother works. There are currently 10 people on their team.

Almost every day they drive around the city, under fire and shelling. providing people with food, personal care products, and medicines. They’ve managed to help more than 220 older persons.

Evhenii tells us that it is both psychologically and mentally overwhelming to drive to the sound of explosions and see the gradual destruction of his hometown. But at the same time, he’s motivated by the urban services workers who’re on the streets every day working in the debris and cleaning up the city. No one in Kharkiv wants to live in a state of war.
He is inspired by the unity of the people, the government, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces as well as by the strength of our people.

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