I believe there must be some hope and some happiness


Hryhorii did not immediately hear the explosions on February 24, he was awakened by a phone call from his mother. Hryhorii packed everything he needed, fed his dog and just watched the news, waiting for some clarifications on what would happen next. Hryhorii is quite stress-resistant and emotionally stable, so he did not panic much.

He decided to stay in Kharkiv, because he thinks that the city needs his help and he is willing to help. Hryhorii sent his wife and child abroad. At first, he helped his friends, brought medicines, food and water. Then he began to help volunteer organizations, with the collection of funds for medicines, delivered baby food, and helped with evacuation.

Hryhorii focused on purchasing and delivery of medicines to those in need.  He arranged deliveries from western Ukraine. On the third week, Hryhorii noticed an emotional burnout among volunteers and his fellow towners. He decided to use part of the funds received for medicines to buy flowers. He delivered flowers to Kharkiv volunteers, carried them around the city and gave them to women. He called the project “Flower Therapy” and has already donated more than 1,000 different flowers.

When he gives flowers, people are surprised and happy. Hryhorii says there must be some hope and some happiness. He and his team also conducted dancing lessons for children in the subway. He says that during the first lessons the children were shy and afraid, and then they even began to come and gather from other stations.

Hryhorii and his team are in constant need of funds to purchase medicines. A small part of the funds they also spend on flowers for the residents of Kharkiv. After the victory, Hryhorii dreams of opening a flower shop and continuing to give people joy.

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Was ngaged in the international air cargo transportation, animal transportation, advised business in the field of foreign economic activities

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