We don't want people to feel that they come and ask for food, we want to treat everyone equally


He woke up at 4:30 a.m from a call from his business partner. She shouted into the phone that an attack on Ukraine had begun, and it was necessary to leave urgently. In a matter of minutes, Ievgen got ready, jumped into his car, and went to pick up his sister. A couple of hours later, they were already in a village near Kyiv.

Now Ievgen is in Lviv. When he first came there, he really wanted to start doing something useful for people as soon as possible. As a chef and ambassador of Ukrainian cuisine, first, he cooked 350 liters of borsch to treat people. Today, thanks to his team, borsch is cooked daily at the Lviv railway station to feed refugees arriving from the hot spots all over Ukraine. Together with his colleague – a chef from Germany, Ievgen develops the project “Make borsh not war”. The goal of the project is to add Ukrainian borsch to the menu of restaurants around the world, and to use the profit from its sales to help Ukraine. More than 50 restaurants in Georgia are currently participating in this project, about the same number in Germany, as well as Italy and Spain, and other countries. Ievgen says that in addition to the financial help it brings, this project has a great cultural significance. And with a high degree of probability, the war will end, and Ukrainian borsch will remain on the menu of restaurants around the world.

Ievgen decided not to postpone his dream to open a restaurant in Lviv until better times. In just 5 days, he managed to find premises and launch “Others” culinary project. This is a delicious restaurant that has two menus. The first menu is for those who can pay, for people who can afford it. But the idea of ​​the second menu came to Ievgen when he treated people at the train station with borsch and talked to them. He noticed that in addition to delicious hot food, people who have lost their homes really lacked comfort, a possibility to relax a bit. In “Others” restaurant they can relax and have a delicious meal, even without being able to pay. To do this, they simply need to ask for menu number two. This way people do not have to openly ask for help, and they can feel normal at least for a moment. About 300 people order menu number two every day – this is the maximum capacity of the kitchen.

Ievgen says that our struggle will not end immediately with the victory of the Ukrainian army. He will continue to develop Ukrainian culture and identity. The real victory will come when Ukrainian society matures, says Ievgen.

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