We feed more than 4000 people every day


The night of 23rd of February he was staying at his house in Kharkiv, and as he is telling us he woke up by himself at a start, feeling fear, and literally in a minute or two he heard and felt powerful explosions. The windows and the floor started vibrating. That’s how the war started. During the first hours Ihor was in his bathroom, paralized by fear. His body didn’t listen to him and he was chained with terror. When he took hold of himself, Ihor gathered his family to leave the city together. 

Once he was safe, Ihor started looking for volunteering projects where he could make himself useful. One of his friends has already started evacuating people to Dnipro and Poltava. Ihor got to coordinating the process and attracting new volunteers to participate. In a couple of weeks their team grew to 50 people. 


And just like that their team has evacuated more than 1500 people, including 60 disabled people, and around 100 furry friends. Now the team includes over 100 drivers that are helping Kharkiv citizens on a daily basis with evacuation and food delivery. Also around 300 people are working as volunteers in the hub where every day they receive, sort, and load up the groceries as well as cook hot meals for 4000 citizens of Kharkiv. 

During this time the team managed to collect almost 3.5mln hryvnas and bring 50.5 tonnes of groceries and essentials to Kharkiv. Mental health of the citizens during war time has also become a huge priority – and that’s where a volunteer psychologist has come to help. Ihor has shared with us that for him the most important thing is to be on time. On time with the essential-to-life help as many people are still located in very dangerous areas and they cannot get such basic things as food and water. To rescue the team and those in need of evacuation on time. To find time to see your family. To find time to help others. 

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