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On the evening of February 24, Ira got a message that a war broke out in Ukraine. Exactly at this time she and her friends were climbing a seven thousand meters high mountain in Chile and were at an altitude of 6,300 meters. They quickly withdrew their expedition to faster gain access to the Internet and check if their relatives and close ones were alive. Ira recalls that this four-hour trip was the scariest and longest one. And there also were Russians in their group who were terribly ashamed and didn’t know how to act around them.

Upon learning that her family and friends are alive, Ira immediately flew to Hungary, and, at the same time, she began to help the countless people she knew. At first, she was helping with the evacuation, relocation, delivery of humanitarian aid and medicines to the citizens of Kharkiv. But at some moment, she realized that it costs her too much effort, and she decided to focus on helping the defenders of Ukraine. After all, procurement of equipment as a private person instead of through funds allows for two or three times faster delivery of necessary supplies to our soldiers on the front line. Initially, Ira delivered equipment through her friends who were volunteering in Kharkiv but when the amount of aid she provided significantly increased, our soldiers contacted her directly. Ira says this made the choosing process of necessary items much simpler as it is extremely difficult to make sense of military gear if you’re not an expert. And also Ira says that our soldiers are awesome bad boys!

Now there is a countless number of people on Ira’s team; they’ve given access to their European bank accounts and are helping her to purchase the necessary equipment.  To date, they’ve purchased 35 thermal imagers, 300 load-bearing vests, dozens of quadcopters, 12 walkie-talkies footwear for firefighters, counter wifi drone systems, optical sights, and much, much more.

The guys have created a chat with military experts from different countries who help to choose the best-fitting items, agree on favorable prices or wholesale purchases.  In a month, Ira’s managed to collect more than 100,000 euros through her social networks. The strategic items her team delivers to the frontline significantly help our warriors in reconnaissance and combat both by and by night.

Also, Ira confided that she’s deeply moved by both the help of those “adequate” Russians who lend a helping hand and support us and that of the entire world. She says her American friend is dreaming about moving to Ukraine after the war because he’s astounded by our people. Ira wishes to go back home to her friends as soon as the war ends, and, in the future, she wants to build a happy Ukrainian society, do city planning, and improve life in Ukraine.

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