But now the whole world is Ukraine


On February 24, Iryna planned to go to work outside the city and packed the things she wanted to take with her in advance. In the morning she was awakened by the sound of explosions. Iryna understood what those sounds were because she had already heard them. Immediately she started packing things. In the evening of the same day she went to the Kyiv region with friends. They lived in a house for 10 days, together with 4 other families. After she decided to go to Western Ukraine and abroad.

Iryna says that this war is much more difficult than the first. Since she is the mother of a 4-year-old son, the level of anxiety and fear is now much higher. Also, Iryna’s partner went to the territorial defense on the very first day of mobilization. In order not to go crazy, Iryna launched the project “Good neighbors”. The project was created to help people who flee abroad. It provides  information about traveling to other countries, finding housing, accommodation features, etc. In parallel, Iryna connected with various chats, found money and connected those who buy and deliver goods for the military. After a certain time, she organized her team and a fund called “U-Hero”. The team consists of top managers of different companies.

The organization focuses on equipment for the military: high-tech walkie-talkies, thermal imagers and drones. Equipment is delivered to hot spots as a priority, after that to other places to our military. Goods are sent and delivered exactly to the right people. The team already managed to purchase and deliver more than 500 walkie-talkies, about 60 thermal imagers, and 10 drones. At the moment, Iryna and her team are raising 175 thousand dollars to purchase thermal imagers and walkie-talkies for the AZOV regiment, which are working in the East of Ukraine. The plan for the future is to purchase 200 thermal imagers, 1000 walkie-talkies and 25 drones. Iryna believes that it will take a long time to rebuild everything that is destroyed and is going to take an active part in this. She says this is a chance for us to build something a hundred times better.

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