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Only by uniting all together can we protect our country


Iryna Berladina and Anna Shevchenko have been living in Lublin, Poland for quite a long time. Anna is a graphic designer in an advertising agency, and Iryna is engaged in the employment of foreigners. The girls jointly hosted a podcast in Ukrainian on Polish radio, where they talked about the news in Ukraine, the features of employment and adaptation in Poland.


But when they learned about the beginning of the war, both took leave from work and became volunteers. In the early days, the girls went to meet people at the borders, worked in a volunteer center, helped to find places to live, and greeted trains with refugees. After a few weeks, they realized that after crossing the Polish border, people are safe and will be taken care of. Therefore, the volunteers started raising funds and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.


They launched a social media fundraiser and developed a patriotic hoodie design. With the funds raised, the girls buy medicines, clothes and shoes for the military, personal protective equipment and hygiene products, tools, knives and more. They also attract foreign funds and coordinate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


The girls understand that only by uniting all together can we protect our country. Iryna says that when she met the evacuation train and saw how 2,000 tired and frightened people spilled out of it at once, it broke her heart. But the gratitude of those whom they helped here in Poland or at the front in Ukraine gives strength to continue until the very victory!


By the way, after the victory, Anna plans to come to Ukraine and visit friends, but she will continue living in Europe. But Iryna, immediately after the announcement of victory, will drop everything and return to Ukraine. She dreams of traveling across the country – from Donetsk to Feodosia.

Before the War

Anna — graphic designer, Iryna is engaged in the employment of foreigners

Site of Operation

Lublin (Poland)

Operation Directions

Humanitarian aid
Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine
Help to the Territory Defence
Food Packing