People need medicines in large quantities every day


On February 24, at 5 am, Iryna and her husband woke up because they heard the first explosions. Iryna lived in the hottest district of Kharkiv. They immediately started calling friends, relatives, reading social media, looking for news. That’s how they knew the war had begun.

From the first day, Iryna and her husband went out to check out the situation. There were long lines at the shops. They bought groceries and distributed them to the elderly and the ones in need. At the moment, Iryna is also a member of many volunteer organizations. She coordinates and connects people who need help with those who can provide it. Iryna takes care of about 300 people.

Iryna needs funds to purchase medicines, which are needed in large quantities every day. There are also many requests from the military for helmets, body armor and other ammunition, which Iryna also wants to fulfill. Iryna will give her last to help someone, to see a smile and to please. It is then that she realizes that everything is not in vain and the most important thing is people.

She really wants to return home and stop running and hiding in different cities of Ukraine. Iryna says that after the end of the war there will be a very difficult time, everything will have to be rebuilt. Iryna plans to be part of the city, to help rebuild and improve it.

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