The most difficult part is to have enough resources to help and support others


Iryna learned about the beginning of the war from a friend who called early in the morning. She was shocked and confused, but since the city was calm she had a lot planned for that day, Iryna went to work.

In the early days, many people called the center, asking for help and support, everyone was confused. Then the people started coming from other cities, there were many mothers with children. Therefore, it was decided to start volunteering to provide them psychological assistance. The team currently has about 20 volunteers.

Every day, the center conducts activities for children: art and culinary master classes, psychological games to relieve stress. A women’s club is open for moms, where they can talk about all their pain. Iryna has heard many horror stories about how their loved ones died. But people continue to live and try to recover. In the center they can get the necessary psychological support.

Iryna’s center needs funds to conduct master classes, purchase stationery for them, purchase food for the children, conduct excursions and provide transportation. The most difficult part for Iryna is to have enough resources to help and support others. But when you are occupied and help other people, it becomes much easier. Iryna is very inspired by the smiles of children, their joy after completing the master classes.

After the victory, Iryna wants to go hiking in the mountains, just enjoy the beautiful nature and relax.

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