Every day I am inspired by people, their gratitude and understanding of their mission


Ivan had been expecting the war for a long time, he survived Donetsk and Kramatorsk and understood that such a turn of events was possible. On February 24, he woke up from explosions and when he saw the news, he quickly packed a backpack with documents and everything he needed. Already on the same day he began to plan how to help and what to do next. Volunteering has always given him a lot of energy, so there was no doubt that he should continue in this direction.

Now Ivan is a manager of the NGO “ICF Malodanylivska Hromada”, as well as an assistant to a deputy of the local council. The organization provides the community around the clock and gives assistance to all residents in need, and they also transfer a lot to the front for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ivan cooperates with foreign partners in cultural and humanitarian areas. They have already managed to receive goods for the military and tons of food from other countries.

Every day, the organization where Ivan works helps about 300-400 people by providing them with medicines, food and hygiene products. In two months, they managed to collect more than 350 thousand UAH for the needs of the residents of Kharkiv and the region, Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense.

In the first days of the war, it was difficult for Ivan to overcome the fear of being injured by the shelling. But every day he is inspired by people, their gratitude and understanding of their mission. Ivan plans to provide more ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense. He believes that at the moment there is no terrible lack of food in the city, so he wants to focus on helping the military.

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