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Jay Bernadotte from Kharkiv was a marketer and developed brand strategies before the war. He was about to open his own agency around late February, but Russian troops invaded Ukraine. On the first day, Jay left Kharkiv and went to the West, where he volunteered for the team to help his home city. He is currently involved in humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in Kharkiv and the region, as well as providing assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense.


Jay says that the most difficult thing during war is to get out of stupor and not let the terrible news make you desperate. He promised himself that he would only cry after the victory. And now we have to work, because many people who have lost their homes, volunteers in different parts of the country who help them and fighters on the front lines who defend Ukraine constantly need help.


The most difficult thing for a volunteer now is logistics, hundreds of lives depend on the speed of transportation. But now, due to the fuel crisis, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver ammunition to the front. However, Jay feels the unity of Ukrainians in their desperate support, but it is difficult for him to accept that not everyone will be able to live to see the victory.


The house where Jay bought an apartment only a year ago remained intact. But he understands that he will return to a completely different Kharkiv, which will need to be rebuilt and cleaned of terrible consequences in order to bring the city back to its happy free life.

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