I really want to help more


Julia lived in the Poltava region and on February 24, she calmly got ready in the morning, woke her daughter up for school. But soon a friend called her and said that the war had begun. The first few days, Julia’s family called relatives and friends, found out how things were going, what the situation was and whether they needed any help. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening. 

After a week of digesting the situation, Julia began to actively help her fellow villagers. She created a group in Viber, added people there and asked them what kind of help they needed. She tries to help with purchasing the essentials. She helps the refugees, small children of fellow villagers who need:

  • vital medications (such as hormonal drugs, cancer treatment, asthma medications);
  • baby formula, diapers, essentials;
  • food and raw ingredients for those cooking for the soldiers and refugees.

Julia also helps the military to find and purchase ammunition: bulletproof vests, flashlights, power banks, tactical vests. One piece of body armor costs 12500 UAH. Julia was able to collect money for 5 vests and deliver them to our military.

Julia says that there are not enough funds and opportunities in their village. She really wants to do more, help more people with food and medicines; help the military with food and ammunition. The most difficult thing now is to raise funds for everything you need.

Julia plans to raise money to purchase ammunition, devices needed for the intelligence – copters. To purchase food for the elderly and refugees. Julia says that humanitarian aid does not reach their village, they have to do everything themselves. After the victory, Julia plans to get together with her whole team, celebrate and be proud of each other, and be proud that they are Ukrainians.

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