Overall, the only way to end this war quickly is for everyone to get united


From the first day of the war Karyna and her family established the charitable foundation “Salvation of the Country” with the help of the Afghanistan Veterans Foundation. They collect and send humanitarian aid to all hotspots in the country, evacuate people, and have set up a shelter for more than 100 refugees. Their foundation also provides assistance to shelters for the elderly and orphanages.


Karyna says that they were morally preparing for the war to start, but it is very difficult to get used to the constant alarms and terrible news. Her young children are especially frightened. And one day Karyna’s four-year-old son asked her why she was constantly going somewhere, why she couldn’t just be with them. Karyna told him about children who had lost their homes, their toys and favorite things, that they lived in basements and the subway, and they often had no food. The little boy was so moved that he forbade his mother to buy any toys and delicacies for him. He asks to send everything to the poor children. Of course, children adopt their parents’ behavior, hear their conversations, and understand that their mom and dad help people.


Karyna says that many people in Chernivtsi and all over the country have united because they understand that only together we can win. They also understand that their help will not end in one moment when Ukraine will win – many people have lost their homes and have nowhere to return. Therefore, they are in dire need of material and humanitarian aid in order to be able to increase the shelter and continue to provide help.


In the first days of their volunteering, Karyna and her husband spent their own money because the register did not work, and it was impossible to officially register the shelter. Later, people began to help with donations and send humanitarian aid from European countries. But people need food and medical care every day, and there’s a lack of funds for that.


Karyna considers the psychological factor to be the most difficult in her volunteering. The refugees, who live in their shelter, are extremely broken. The foundation now employs psychologists, animators, and even the famous band “SKAI” performed there. They do everything possible not only to protect and feed people, but also to take care of their emotional state. After the victory, Karyna would like to go out with her family to a huge parade, hug all people and enjoy free Ukraine. And then she will return to work in the fund and continue to provide assistance until people can return to normal life.

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