We matured and every day we have only one thought – all this should be over as soon as possible


In the last few months, they have been preparing for the Russian invasion. At the same time, Kateryna did not believe that war was possible in the 21st century and kept a positive mind. She woke up on February 24th morning from the sounds of flying planes and helicopters. Father immediately called her and said the war had begun. The first emotion was fear, she wanted to scream from how terrible it was. Kateryna packed up, took her mother and grandmother, and they all moved to Ivano-Frankivsk together. For the first 3-4 days Kateryna had a panic. She constantly scrolled the news feed and was concerned about the nearest and dearest, including her father, who had joined Territorial Defense Forces to defend Kharkiv from the first days.

A few days later, Kateryna and her friends decided to make a small team. 50 armour vests, 30 helmets, 5 thermographic cameras, 6 special sights, 2 Starlinks, 2 small drones and 1 special drone with a thermographic camera were purchased already and they need more. Fundraising is getting harder every day. Kateryna is now fundraising for cars for the military. Kateryna is in London at the moment, where she was invited to volunteer. She attends conferences, communicates with people, and talks about the war in Ukraine.

Kateryna says everything in her life has changed. Each of us has matured and every day we all have only one thought – that all this should be over as soon as possible and all our loved ones should be alive and well. Yoga is helping Kateryna to cope with everything. She has been practicing yoga before the war. She can abstract away and understand that the following events cannot last forever. Even in this war, you can find pluses: the way people unite and become courageous; the way Ukrainians are proud of their language now, their country and their values. And those who are in the rear must help the Military Forces and people of Ukraine to win as soon as possible. 

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A teacher and dean at the Semen Kuznets National University of Kharkiv

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