We are brave and very angry now, so we are doing everything we can to not let the enemy win!


Kateryna dedicates all her time and energy to helping people now – she searches, buys and delivers medicines. Their team receives help from friends and simply people all over the world. But there’s a catastrophic lack of financing. Apart from helping the citizens who can’t find necessary medicines by themself, Katya and her team also actively support 3 large hospitals in Kharkiv, pack tourniquets and NATO first aid kits for our military men at the frontline, and help to supply field medical centre. The guys have also organized medicine delivery to the city of Kropivnitskiy, where they only have one hospital and there are always huge problems with medicine supplies. 


Katya and her boyfriend woke up on February 24th from the call of their friends who told them that the war started in Ukraine, and literally in 15 minutes they heard a powerful explosion. Katya was receiving calls from different parts of the world and her friends were inviting her to leave Ukraine and stay with them. However Katya and her family decided to stay in Kharkiv – that’s where their home is. 

First couple of days they felt scared and frozen. Katya and her family were also in pain because of losing friends who didn’t believe them. Katya says she is now used to constant shelling – volunteering work distracts her from the horror going on around. She doesn’t plan on leaving Kharkiv. 

There’s always a lot of work and there’s always lack of essential medicines. People are in constant need of medicines for thyroid, cardial and sedative drugs, antibiotics and cold medicines. But most importantly there is not enough money to buy enough surgical medicines and tourniquets that are used to stop blood after heavy injuries. Also there’s a large outgo of adult diapers that are needed not only for elderly people but also for heavily injured soldiers. 

Katya says that the best thing she learned from the war is to believe in people, their kindness, responsiveness, and unity. She lived in Kharkiv for her whole life, spoke russian, was tolerant to her neighbors and didn’t believe in the possibility of war. She says that putin’s desire to destroy Ukraine has actually made Urkainians very patriotic, and has given them the desire to adapt Ukrainian language to their daily life.

Katya is proud of the responsiveness of Ukrainians all around the world. She is sure of our victory, she dreams about hugging her friends, and just like everyone else she is planning to start rebuilding her dear city as soon as possible. 

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