The hardest thing is not to go mad in all this crazy rhythm and movement


In 2014, Kateryna became a paramedic and spent almost a year at the front. After that, she and her “sisters” created the organization “Women’s Veteran Movement”, they protected the rights of women in the army and rehabilitated veterans. Now most of the girls from the organization are fighting, and the rest are taking care of them.

On February 24, Kateryna received a call from a friend who informed her of the start of the war. On the second day they started volunteering. Kateryna had no doubts, she knew that she had to act and help bring the victory closer.

Kateryna created an organization that helps both the military and civilians. Now it is a team of more than 50 people. The organization has a large warehouse, which is filled with everything one might need. There is equipment and tactical medicines, food, hygiene products, etc. There is even a workshop where drones are assembled or improved.

The priority in the work of the organization remains assistance to the front line, especially women in the units. For the first 3 weeks of volunteer work, the team spent about 6 million UAH. They bought more than 150 bulletproof vests, 10 cars, 48 ​​drones, 80 thermal imagers, helmets, gas masks..

Kateryna says that the hardest thing for her is not to go mad in all this crazy rhythm and movement. But the work helps her, because there is no time to think about what is happening.

Before the War

Before the full-scale war, my “sisters” and I set up the Women's Veteran Movement

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