You are not defined by a person you are hiding behind but by a person you are shielding


Kateryna recalls that she was very anxious the day before the war broke out. On February 23, she packed her bug-out backpack, took her beloved cat and went to her parents. When the war broke out the next morning, their relatives from Poland asked them to evacuate. Kateryna did not want to leave – it was her home and her land. Her parents supported her decision, and the whole family stayed in Kyiv.

But they didn’t stay to sit and hide. They started their activities by making Molotov cocktails – Kateryna told us that in the early days of the war they had to find bottles everywhere they could, even near garbage cans and in their neighbors’ garbage. They drained gasoline from lawn mowers. Everyone, who could, helped them to make the cocktails: neighbors found bottles, Kateryna’s father made metal shavings, someone brought a barrel of oil. During the first month of the war, the family managed to make over 20,000 cocktails and continued to this. They also were buying anti-tank hedgehogs.

The hardest thing about war is staying calm and concentrated. That’s hard enough, considering what Kateryna and her father had to see. They even helped remove bodies from the cities of Bucha and Irpin. But the positivity and confidence of the military, as well as the solidarity of ordinary Ukrainians is very inspiring and does not allow her to give up. Kateryna says that after the victory she will allow herself a few days to rest and cuddle with her loved ones. But then she and her friends plan to participate in the restoration of the country. They even have an initial supply of building materials for that purpose. And the fact that Kateryna has no experience in construction doesn’t scare her at all. She is confident that she can learn anything.

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