People who need help get it to the fullest extent


When the full-scale invasion began at 5 in the morning, Kostya’s things were packed, he got into the car and left. On the first day, he helped to take relatives from Irpin to Kozin. On day 2-3, he started volunteering with his friends and colleagues. Now his job consists mainly of logistics and providing the drivers with all they need. Kostya receives a list of necessary items from volunteers, and sends it to the organizations  abroad that collect humanitarian aid. After that Kostya arranges transportation across the border and sends the cargo to the right cities.

Kostya’s team delivers humanitarian aid and medicines, which are distributed to hospitals and the military; they also purchase goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Aid is distributed to the cities of Chernihiv, Sumy, Kamenetz-Podolsky, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Nikolaev, Irpin, Bucha.

Over the past time, only Kostya himself delivered 3 wagons – this is about 800 tons of humanitarian aid; 6 armored cars, 1 ambulance and 1 regular car. Now money is needed in order to buy equipment for the military and to refuel vehicles that deliver aid. Kostya is very pleased with his team that helps to keep it together in such a difficult time. Everyone is busy with their tasks and everyone works as one well-coordinated mechanism. People who need help get it to the fullest extent. It’s nice to see photos and video reports with happy people who received help.

After the victory, Kostya plans to visit his mother, whom he has not seen for a very long time. He understands that we all have to work very hard to return and rebuild our cities. He wants to go to Bucha and Irpen, to help to clear the rubble in the cities.

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