We will all build a very cool free Ukraine


Kostiantyn is an IT specialist from Kharkiv. The house where he has been living with his family until February 24 is the closest to the Russian border, because he saw how the war began with his own eyes. Kostiantyn gathered his family, took his laptop and they left their home city.


From the first days, Kostiantyn joined the IT troops and, together with others, hacked into Russian websites and spread the truth about the war in Ukraine. But he wanted to do more for Ukraine, so he started volunteering. Mostly Kostiantyn and his friends help IDPs who have lost everything. They collect and buy clothes for them, tablets so that children can continue their education online, washing machines, strollers, food, hygiene products etc. They collaborate with volunteers in various cities where the humanitarian aid is transferred. They deliver targeted help to the fighters – buy them cool equipment to win the battle.


Kostiantyn says that, unfortunately, some large organizations do not help the victims. It’s depressing, and that’s one of the reasons he volunteered. But there are many like him – people who dedicate all their free time to bring the victory closer, give all their money and energy to help people. Volunteers across the country cooperate with each other. Such unity of Ukrainians is inspiring and Kostiantyn is sure that after our victory we will all build a very cool free Ukraine.

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