We have to rebuild our conutry after the victory


When the war began in Ukraine, Kyrylo quickly realized that he wouldn’t be of much use on the frontline, as he totally lacked military skills. But he knows that he needs to protect his motherland, so he decided to prove himself useful on the home front. He gathered his friends and the people he knew, and they are now helping the military forces. As volunteers, they have already purchased more than 10 light vehicles for reconnaissance purposes. They are engaged in repairing military equipment as well as purchasing bullet-proof vests, backpacks, helmets, thermal imagers, drones, and other equipment that is useful on the frontline.

Kyrylo says that every person matters and can make his or her impact, which should not be undervalued. Once, a seven-year-old girl came to their headquarters. It turned out, she had cracked open her piggy bank and come to give all her money to them so that they could buy a bullet-proof vest. And when she was told that this money wasn’t enough, she started selling flowers on the street. This little Ukrainian girl had collected enough money to purchase four bullet-proof vests, which she gave to the soldiers in person.

Kyrylo promises that they are planning a huge celebration after the war. And shortly after that, they will get back to work, as it’s not enough to liberate Ukraine—it has to be rebuilt as well.

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