I have 75 animals: 15 dogs, a rabbit, a guinea pig and 57 cats that need to be fed


Larysa Bolvachova from Odessa, has loved animals since childhood, like her mother taught her. Larysa carried this love through her whole life and together with her own daughter they have been saving abandoned and lost animals for many years. They even sold their apartment in the center of Odessa in order to buy a private house and be able to adopt more animals.


When there was a loud explosion on the morning of February 24, Larysa was first afraid that it was gas in their second house, where 50 cats live. She checked, the cats were fine. Then Larysa said that the war had begun. The first days her daughter bought food for animals, then food for herself, and again food, litter and medicines for animals. And then refugees were added to their large family – these are animals that people could not take with them when they left. Now Larysa has 75 animals – 15 dogs, a rabbit, a guinea pig and 57 cats.

Her daughter and grandchildren left, but Larysa will not leave her wards. She and her daughter fed many from birth, some were taken out of trash cans, others were treated for a long time. Larysa urges people to be kinder to animals, she says that often abandoned cats die not from hunger, but from longing.

She is very much looking forward to the fast victory of Ukraine, she says that she will buy a cake for herself, fish for cats and something tasty for dogs and they will celebrate together.

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