We have to do everything we can to help our guys win


Lesia and Ruslan woke up at 5:30 a.m. on February 24 to the sounds of explosions, looked out the window, and immediately turned on the television news. That’s how they found out that a war had broken out in Ukraine. Initially they were terribly scared and began to frantically pack their belongings.  In the first few days, they decided to move from Kharkiv to the city of Poltava. Immediately, they reached a volunteer fund, where they just started organizing help. The fund handled requests from the military, purchasing everything they needed, from slippers to medications, and then delivering them to the army. 

Since Lesiia and Ruslan know many people who serve in the armed forces and the territorial defense forces, they gradually began to collect requests and provide assistance to our troops themselves. The priority area was the Kharkiv region, which was one of the first to resist the enemy and to this day actively stands up to the invaders. The war is rapidly draining away strength and resources, so Lesia and Ruslan’s main goal is to regularly cover all the essential needs of the battalions on the front lines. They deliver ammunition, medicine, household and hygiene products. They already have well-functioning logistics to ensure that what they need is delivered in a matter of days and trusted ammunition suppliers from overseas.

Now there is a team of 4 people working with Lesia and Ruslan. They share responsibilities as the requests come in and what opportunities they have to make purchases. They have already purchased and delivered uniforms, about 30 kits, 30 pairs of tactical shoes, a large number of tactical knee pads, as well as necessary items for the military: socks, underwear and clothing. 

They are handling fundraising for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, such as binoculars, drones, harnesses and tactical mittens. Lesia and Ruslan are motivated by pictures of our satisfied military who have received packages from them. They understand that the military is in a much tougher situation than the rest of us, and we have to do everything we can to help our guys win. Both the news of our military’s victories at the frontlines and the small victories in buying and providing soldiers with the things they need are heartwarming. It is important to be helpful in such a difficult time.  The guys are very much looking forward to the victory and dream of getting home as soon as possible.

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