I have a strong feeling of our unconditional victory


On the morning of February 24, Lina woke up because her entire house was shaking from terrible explosions. She packed her things the day before to go to Kyiv to visit her boyfriend, so she quickly got into her car and drove towards Kyiv. She had to use the ring road, where columns of military vehicles were just entering. It was terrifying.

Lina says that she hasn’t noticed herself becoming a volunteer. It all started with a chat with her friend from Kharkiv, Nastya, whose family owned a warehouse of medicines in Kharkiv and wanted to distribute them to people. Lina herself has also been receiving requests for medicines from friends on social media. Information about Lina quickly spread by word of mouth and applications for medicines started to come in more and more every day. 

Very quickly three drivers and a pharmacist from Kharkiv joined them. This is how total strangers self-organized into an effective team that saves the lives and health of hundreds of people every day. Lina herself is responsible for the purchase of L-thyroxine and Euthyrox in Europe and the delivery of these drugs to Ukraine. These hormonal medications are vital for people with thyroid diseases. The drugs are sent to people by Nova Poshta(private Ukrainian postal and courier company) or delivered to the address. Volunteers who deliver groceries are actively helping the team with this.

Lina and Nastya’s team is also helping hospitals, which often lack disposable needles and painkillers for the wounded soldiers. They are delivering cardiac and sedative medications to the elderly. 

Lina says that all requests are fulfilled using the money donated by Instagram followers. Someone helps financially, others donate medicines to the warehouse in Kharkiv. But there is never enough money – medications are expensive, and the demand for them is only increasing.

Lina sees how many people are now united in awesome teams and what incredible help volunteers in Ukraine provide. She is sure that a truly strong and free nation of smart, active and creative people is being born now. And she has no doubts about the victory of Ukraine.

Lina realized that the main value of our country is its people. After the victory, she dreams of meeting her friends. She also wants to finally get to know in person all the people with whom she has been working for the past month and give all of them a big hug.

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