You have to be prepared every day


At 3 am on February 24, Maksym woke up from a call from his mother in law, who lives on the border with Russia, and said that Russian troops were coming. Maksym already knew what to do and on the same day he began cleaning and organizing places in the bomb shelter, where he and his family spent the first night.

The war caught Maksym back in 2014, so he has been volunteering for 8 years since then. And initially, he began to evacuate mothers with children from hot areas, which were heavily shelled. During the 3rd month of the war, 2 children were born in Maksym’s bomb shelter, and they were evacuated abroad with their mothers.

In parallel with the evacuation, Maksym delivered humanitarian aid to residents of Chernihiv and the region. This is more than 20 tons of goods each time, which are distributed among people. About 15,000 people have already been helped. The charitable foundation of the famous TV presenter Serhiy Prytula provides Maksym with the goods.

Maksym also constantly improves the conditions in the bomb shelter so that, if necessary, more people can be received. The maximum number of people who hid in the shelter for the entire period was 180. Maksym is motivated by his 2 daughters. To work and not stop, so that they live in peace.

After our victory, Maksym will work further. He says that even when we win, our neighbors will not change. You have to be prepared every day.

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