Boys and girls at the front need help as soon as possible


Max Savvatieiev from Zaporizhzhia used to be a rehabilitation trainer. But his clients started to cancel training on 24th of February in the morning. And then his family and friends called him and told him about the beginning of the war. First Max’s thought was to go to enlistment office, but his wife convince him to stay because they have a small child. 

So he decided to go to local territorial defense where he was assigned to be a volunteer in the military base. And now Max works on ensuring 112th and 113th territorial defense’s brigades. At first he got clothes and shoes, then he succeed to get an armoured protection and quadcopter, now he is collecting money for thermographic cameras, radios, tablets and cars. During the period of the war Max has collected at least 800 thousand UAH and he is working by himself. 

Max says that it’s almost easy to find and order something from the list of important things for soldiers, because he knows trustworthy sources. But collecting money becomes more and more harder because a lot of people lost their jobs and are not able to help with money anymore. 

At this moment fierce fights are happening on the border of Zaporizhzhia region and boys need help at the front as soon as possible. Max himself was repeatedly at the front, he saw destroyed villages and heard frightening  explosions. But soldiers’ bravery and Ukrainian people’s kindness inspire confidence and hope about Victory. 

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